Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i miss you

La tomatina in Bunol, Spain. (tomato festival)its like the ultimate food fight.

us and the Mediterranean. Barcelona, you were my favorite.

three girls in dublin, ireland.

Cici: so what exactly is traditional irish food?

me: ........... baileys??

Susannah: typical college student answer

gallon challenge. god i hated IPA. try drinking 8 pints of it.

formal dinner. on the lawn for wine. i love how joe is waving hi.

covent garden in london. everyone stopped to listen to them play.

a young girl tipping them. so cute.

parliament in london.

everyone laughed at me for taking this picture

not a bad background

just your typical friday afternoon in cambridge. bike riding through the fields for afternoon tea. of course, just like in the movies, it starts to rain while we're riding as we sing songs from sound of music (true story)

cambridge, you are seriously crazy beautiful. with or without photoshop.

England's idea of a theme park.

i miss everything about you. summer 2008.

it's 7 am. i have to wake up at 12pm for lunch with twee and linda. think i can make it?

can you meet me halfway?

or a quarter-way.

Monday, December 21, 2009

say hello to 5am

5:18 a.m.

don't you hate it when you know the right thing to do, but you don't do it.

when will i start taking my own advice ?

Battle Studies

I'm kind of in love with John Mayer's new album, Battle Studies. Clearly he wrote his songs during some major heartbreak. I feel your pain, john.

Heartbreak Warfare

Lightning strikes
Inside, my chest to keep me up at night
Dream of ways
To make you understand my pain

Clouds of sulfur in the air
Bombs are falling everywhere
It's heartbreak warfare
Once you want it to begin,
No one really ever wins
In heartbreak warfare

If you want more love,
why don't you say so?
If you want more love,
why don't you say so?

Drop his name
Push it in and twist the knife again
Watch my face
As I pretend to feel no pain

How come the only way to know how high you get me
is to see how far I fall
God only knows how much I'd love you if you let me
but I can't break through it all.

It's a heartbreak...

I don't care if we don't sleep at all tonight
Let's just fix this whole thing now
I swear to God we're gonna get it right
If you lay your weapon down
Red wine and ambien
You're talking shit again, it's heartbreak warfare
Good to know it's all a game
Disappointment has a name, it's heartbreak warfare.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lane Crawford Exhibition

This shoe installation is ridiculous. sigh.

I'm Back.

Recently went to the Scandal Makers screening at the San Diego Asian Film Festival. I loveeeeee that kid on the right. He's an up and coming star in Korea.

How can you resist such a face??!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

woe is me.

what's going on here? blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is retardedDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDdddddddddddd.

i will not settle.

i will not i will not i will not.

this is going to be a stressful two weeks.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I'm at Geisel waiting for Cici to finish printing her slides so we can go upstairs and STUDY. So as I wait I will just blog about my 21st.

YAY I'M 21.

I can use my own ID.

man what an accomplishment.

I waited 21 years for this.


Hopefully, it only goes up from here. :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

High School friends are forever

Who says friends don't stay friends after high school? Well I guess it is true. People go their separate ways once they get into college.. people change, make new friends, whatever. Which is true for our group of friends from HS, but what's different for us is that we ALWAYS get back together and truly KIT (as we promised we would in our yearbooks hehe)

Recently one of our good friends turned 21. It was like a Garden Grove reunion that weekend. After weeks and weeks of staying in San diego (I never get to go home cause of work) - i finally got to see ALL my friends at ONCE. how awesome is that. Happy 21st to my good friend Vivian Do. Friends since the 7th Grade :) We've gone through so much together, and grown so much!!Friends since the 7th grade <3

He's Just NOT That Into You

So last week I finished reading "He's Just NOT That Into You" (as I was waiting 2 hours at the DMV to renew my license - goodness I hate the DMV) If you're a girl and haven't read it yet, read it!! It's an interesting and easy read.. and quite educational haha. If you're one of those girls that "don't understand guys" (because they're not quite as intelligent as women haha), then this book will help you understand them just a little bit more. Anyways, READ the book :)

Don't waste the pretty, hehe

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Restaurant Etiquette

Wow I really need to try a little harder to keep this thing updated. I can't believe its already the middle of spring quarter. that is just freaking ridiculous. but you know what's even more ridiculous? me turning 21 in just 4 days. FOUR DAYS. I feel like I've been waiting AGES. years, months, weeks, whatever. and finally its HAPPENING!!! I'm turning 21. I'm excited (obviously), but at the same time, pretty scared/sad. everyone always says everything goes DOWNHILL after you've hit the big 2-1. I already feel like my three years here in college has gone by in a blink of an eye. what about my twentys???? Will i be 30 years old with kids and a husband before i know it? ewe let's not think about that.

For those of you who don't know, I've been working at Nozomi (on regents) for the past couple of months. Some days I wish I could just quit and get an easier, less stressful job - but sometimes, I love it there. When the customers are NICE and not RUDE (i hate you, you rude customers), then the job is actually pretty enjoyable. So word of advice to you people who like to eat at restaurants - be nice to your server. Look them in the eye and treat them the way you would want to be treated. And you're NOT the king of the world and we are not your servants, so please be gracious people when you're eating in the restaurant (cause you never know what we can do to your food - haha jk. i dont mess with people's food. i just wish them ill :)

and most importantly, dont be a bunch of cheapasses - please leave at least 15%. It's kind of sad but ASIANS are notorious for leaving pathetic cheap tip. If you're Asian, and you leave less than 10% tip, uhhh you need to change that asap, haha. Not only do you make asians look bad and cheap, its just very depressing for the server. haha.

and if you've ever eaten at a restaurant and left NO tip - shame on you.

anyways thats my rant of the day. people who are rude and cheap tippers (or even no tippers). i'm sure you guys are normally nice people. Just Cheap.

OTHER good news!!
I got an internship at Wachovia. woot woot. it was a 3-step interview process. I honestly didn't think I would make it through the first rounds of interviews, but I did it! I'm happy and thankful to God that I can have an amazing (paid - holla) internship like this. I'm excited cause I know I will learn a lot working at Wachovia.

OH and my plans for this summer are pretty much set.
I will be spending my first summer in Sunny San Diego. I seriously Loveee san diego weather in the summertime, but never really enjoyed it because I always went back home for the summer. I'm pretty excited, I think my upcoming summer will be an interesting and new experience. So if you're going to be in SD this summer, CALL ME!

Okay thats my update for now, ciao buddies

Friday, February 20, 2009


i'm so mad b/c while i was in the middle of writing a really good post, i accidentally pressed BACKSPACE, and it went to the previous page, thus losing my post.
w t f r e a k.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I Have a Crush on a Waiter.

There is an all you can eat korean bbq restaurant that my friends and I love to go to in Garden Grove. I like the restaurant b/c its relatively cheap, great service, good food..... and there's a cute waiter there. Mind you, I don't only go there b/c of the cute waiter, that's just a plus of course. But he's tall, cute, and he cooks for us - what more can a girl ask for? (answer: Edward Cullen) But since I'm living in a vampire-less world, I guess I'll settle for this guy. haha jk. The only downside is, he's a Fob. Not that I have a problem with fobs - I actually think they're pretty cute, and they have this attitude about themselves that are very different from americanized Koreans that I really like. It's just that his english is not thatttt great, and my korean is not thattttt great either, so it kinda sucks. I can't even flirt in english, how am I going to try to flirt in korean? Anyways, the story gets worse b/c he lives in Garden Grove and I'm all the way in San Diego again b/c of this annoying thing called school. I'm jk, I'm kind of happy to be back. Sad that break is over though, but like always, all good things must come to an end (i.e. relationships, winter breaks, etc). haha i swear I'm not this pessimistic in real life. only just a little :)